"the house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace." - gaston bachelard
important things

hey there! if you like this blog and its content, please please do me a favour and consider the following:


when reblogging, please avoid adding tags like #native, #native american, #ethnic, #tribal, #exotic, #eastern, #third world, #oriental, or anything similar, unless you are entirely certain you are using the tag in an appropriate and factual way, and not just based on the particular “style” or “look”.


well, because the aforementioned terms are problematic and are considered by many people to be demeaning, homogenizing, and even racist, because they attempt to define people and their cultures based on stereotypical aspects rather than actual facts, and in doing so, effectively turn those people and cultures into things rather than actual people. unless you are personally acquainted with a specific culture, there is no way to tell, just by looking at an item [a beautiful space, a piece of clothing, or anything else] where it is from, so people usually use “ethnic” or “tribal” or “oriental” instead…which is racist. these words denote a particular style that has little to nothing to do with the cultures they were inspired by [or worse, stolen from]. similarly, “native/native american” can mean a whole plethora of different things, because native people are vast and varied in terms of aesthetic and culture. unless you are absolutely certain what you’re looking at comes from a specific culture, unless you know what it is and its history/use/origins, do not tag it as such! don’t judge a book by its cover! just because something looks “native american”, doesn’t mean it is!! here’s a good guide to what does/does not belong in the #native tag. also,

avoid stuff like “ethnic”, “tribal”, and “exotic” because they’re words that have just come to mean “different from white western culture”, and that’s a terrible way to view the world, and the people in it! please don’t generalize! while it might be tempting to use the tag #african for a photo of a hut or #asia for a building with sliding doors and a thatched roof, it’s really not cool to do so! africa is a huge continent, as is asia, and as such you cannot boil them down to one “look” or “style”. use accurate tags, or don’t use them at all. for a good post on my exoticism is no good, look here.

furthermore, please do not add the tag #gypsy to any of the photos on this site! while many of us [especially in the US] grew up hearing the word “g*psy” in books and disney movies, it is actually a really offensive racial slur used against a whole variety of ethnic groups such as the rroma. while many rroma people reclaim the word g*psy and use it for themselves, it’s really disrespectful for non-rroma people to use the word g*psy, because again, it is a slur. i know, i used to use the word g*psy too, because i felt it properly represented my heritage. however, i have since discovered how many people are still oppressed by this term, and i do not use it unless actually referring to rroma people/culture in a respectful and appropriate way, and i would ask that you do the same. if you want more info on why the word g*psy is really offensive and racist, golden-zephyr and whooda-thunkit are the people to talk to!

while i’m certain the intentions of people who add these tags to my photos are quite innocent, actual native/indigenous people use these tumblr tags to post things that are actually relevant to their cultures, and they do not need their dashes flooded by irrelevant and improperly tagged photos from my blog, ok?

are these tags that you use a lot? no problem! you can still attract people to your blog by using more benign tags;

for photos on this blog in general:

  • #hippy, #colourful, #avant garde, #romantic, #mystical, #clutter, #boho, #natural, #rustic, #unique