"the house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace." - gaston bachelard



Doors around the World

Montmartre, Paris

Burano, Italy


Beijing, China

Rabat, Morocco

Bali, Indonesia

Sardinia, Italy

Shanghai, China




Graham McKay (Misfits’ Architecture) on Kazuo Shinohara’s Houses




The farm I live and work on needs help. We lost our access to electricity, water and a kitchen and won’t be able to finish out the season successfully if we don’t raise money to repair the two broken campers we have. Please share this if you can and/or donate. Anything helps, we’re really desperate. Here’s a link to the campaign.

please help my farm

the hard work of these incredible people currently provides my household with much of our food, and i am immensely thankful for all that they do. 

please consider contributing to this campaign to help provide proper shelter on the farm - these folks absolutely cannot continue working with their current facilities. farmers deserve a safe place to live and work, and projects like the Wassaic Community Farm deserve to thrive! 

this certainly strays from my typical posts, but i’d appreciate if my followers would consider helping out my dear friends at the Wassaic Community Farm !



hello my name is fleur, and this is my apartment

ok. you see. now listen. that bathtub